Smash Through the Basque | Thrasher Magazine

A few months back, a handful of the RVCA Skate crew caravanned through France and Spain with the guys at Thrasher Magazine and came back with a few clips and some great memories. 'Smash Through the Basque' includes ripping from Greyson Fletcher, Jeremy Leabres, Julian Davidson, Aidan Campbell, Remy Taviera, Barney Page, Octavio Barrera, and Charles Collet.

Video by Dan Stolling and Brandon Jensen. Photos by David Broach and Brandon Jensen.

True Stories | Benjamin JeanJean

In November 2016, ANP artist Benjamin Jeanjean spent a month living and diving into the life stories of Ali, Firas and other war refugees coming from Middle-East to capture and witness their true stories…

With his signature drawings and illustrations, Jeanjean committed to bringing to life those words and moments as told by those who have gone through such unforgettable life-changing experiences.

After a couple of months’ showcase at adhocpad gallery in Vienna (AUT) that kicked-off what has now become a long-term project for the artist, Benjamin will launch a second #TrueStories show at Monika Studio in Bordeaux (FRA) on May 5, 2017 ; the show will be on till early June’17.

Based in Southwest France, Benjamin JeanJean’s art stands for a neo-symbolism based on contemporary aesthetics. As an artist he is normally looking for inspiration in the unknown, a surreal world that lives from people’s dreams, thoughts and fears. But after having met Ali and other refuges during an art project in Vienna in 2016, he wanted to step out of this imaginary sanctuary. To bring reality to life. To illustrate the reality of refugees. To tell their stories. True stories.

"The essence of my art didn’t change though. I want people to look closer. This is when their imagination kicks in and the unconscious takes over. Skulls, for example, are only skulls at first glance. But in fact, they represent any human: blacks, whites, Syrians, Austrians, Americans, good people, bad people, workers, doctors, politicians, you, me. We all have a skull, we all are human beings. There is a story behind each human, and each story is worth being told." -- Benjamin JeanJean.

Video: Directed/Edited by Sebastien Chebassier (EnArrO prod.) Filmed by Christian Fischer.
Music: 'Be Cold' by Concorde.

RVCA x Astrodeck | Icons of Surf

RVCA is glad to present an evening with the Fletchers for the celebration of our RVCA x Astrodeck Collection launch! 6pm this Thursday at Icons of Surf in San Clemente, CA. See you there!

Blackies Bunch

Watch Tanner Prairie, Alex Knost, and buds grooving at blackies in this clip from Mollusk Surf Shop and Jack Coleman.

RVCA EU | Lanzerote Mission

RVCA European surf advocates hit the island of Lanzarote in March, in the Canarian archipelago, visiting the local crew led by charger Manuel Lezcano to compete at the infamous El Quemao break. Also known as the European Pipeline, El Quemao delivered some perfect conditions for its annual invitational event, Quemao Class ’17, allowing advocates Kevin Bourez, Eric Rebiere and Manuel Lezcano to score in and around the event while enjoying the laid-back island lifestyle for a week.

Renowned European charger Nic Von Rupp took the RVCA Wave of the Event award while RVCA Advocate Manuel Lezcano placed 3rd and logged some fun free-surf sessions all adding up to a fun weekend with the crew!

Video directed/edited: Adrian Rodd
Filming: Gines Diaz, Rayco Cano, Chris McClean, Adrian Rodd
Music: Glass Animals - Toes (Tom Kaos Edit)

NSLA | Pipeline Body Surfing Contest

RVCA was glad to support the North Shore Lifeguard Association's Pipeline Body Surfing Contest recently on the North Shore of Oahu. Check out the photos from a fun day of bodysurfing at the one and only Pipeline!



Leveraging its momentum and exciting fresh Spring & Summer ’17 ranges’ release, RVCA just opened two new brand spaces in Europe ;

Along with its partner brands, RVCA is now featured in Barcelona (ESP), sharing space with Billabong and Element in an updated premium store located on Carrer de la Canuda, No. 31.

With a mix of Artist-inspired features from our Artist Network Program (ANP) and skateboarding-friendly outfits, not forgetting surf essentials, make sure you pass by the refitted store and grab your favorite garments.

From the European capital of skateboarding to Europe’s Surfing hot spot of Hossegor…
RVCA simultaneously just landed its new space in Hossegor (FRA), craddle of the boardsports’ industry.

With a special focus on a fresh range of boardshorts, tees and foundational Artist-fetaured designs, you can find us inside the Element brand store, located at the heart of the French town, No. 194 on Paul Lahary avenue.

RVCA CORNER (Inside Billabong Store)

Adresse : Carrer de la Canuda, 31, 08002 Barcelona, Espagne

Téléphone : +34 934 81 38 25

RVCA CORNER (Inside Element Store)

Adresse : 194 Avenue Paul Lahary, 40150 Soorts-Hossegor, France

Téléphone : +33 5 58 47 65 87

Irons Brother Classic

RVCA is glad to support the Irons Brothers Classic this weekend at Pine Trees, Kauai. Looking forward to a great weekend of sun, surf, and family time with the community on Kauai!

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