Nathan Strom | Bali

RVCA Advocate Nathan Strom on a couple fun sized waves in Bali. Film/edit by Jimmy Jazz James.

Wesley Van Eeden | South Africa

Check out a new mural from RVCA South Africa Artist Wesley Van Eeden also known as Resoborg. Describing the design and symbolism of the mural, Van Eeden said, “The artwork signifies the balance of opposites - there is a repeating pattern in the artwork on the left and if one of these patterns was removed, the balance would be thrown off. The artwork is a subtle communication of the importance of having an environmental conscience.”

The mural inherits the latter half of its name from the Zulu word “imvelo”, which means “environment”.

Video by Calibre. Music by The Watermark High.

The Thrill is Back | Wave Warriors Return

RVCA Advocate Herbie Fletcher gets us ready for winter on the North Shore with a full serving of wipeouts and footage from the early days of performance surfing on Hawaii in this installment of our The Thrill is Back Series.

Ford and Christian

Ford Archbold and Christian Fletcher in the tropics. Film/edit by Matt Tromberg.

Babes Ride Out 2016

The babes took to the dirt and the roads again this year for a weekend of good times at Babes Ride Out 4 in Joshua Tree, California. Enjoy photos from RVCA Advocate Andrea Dosouto taking it all in on a fun filled weekend with over 1600 women ripping around the desert on two wheels! See you next year ladies!

Cobbles Classic | South Africa

RVCA was recently glad to present The Cobbles Classic at the Cape Recife Nature Reserve in South Africa. The Cobbles Classic was conceptualized by a small group of surfers known as Loggers Union who have been surfing 60’s style single fin longboards for the past few years at Cobbles Point, and who have decided to share their laid back lifestyle, as well as their beautiful secluded surf break with other like-minded loggers from around the country and world. This year was one for the books, friends and family came from around the country to perfect weather and epic waves all in celebration of retro style, soul, and community vibes. In old school style, no leashes were allowed and only single fin logs were! Congrats to the Cobbles King and Queen and everyone who helped run an unforgettable weekend.

Betet Merta | Bali

RVCA Advocate Betet 'Da Guy' Merta grinding on some fun waves at home in Bali. Video by Dylan Palmer. Music by Skyler Pritchet.

RVCA Presents 'PIT PALS'

RVCA is glad to bring you 'PIT PALS'. A short surf film featuring Sam Wrench, Bruce Irons, Ellis Ericson, Beau Foster, Davey Cathels, and Jay Davies. Press play and enjoy 10 minutes of quality surfing from the RVCA Surf crew!

Film and edit by Tyge Landa.

Filmer Tyge Landa on the idea behind 'Pit Pals': "Pit Pals started 18 months ago when Sam Wrench and myself wanted to make a 10 minute short film. I wanted to include a bunch of the RVCA team and create a fun, nostalgic vibe through the motion pictures as well as a lot of close up imagery. It was an organic production, as silly as that sounds, but it grew naturally, never were sessions forced or pushed to hard. It kind of just came together, editing process was the long winded part, to include everyone, convey their ability and personality somehow, and also have a mix between amp and slow psych. The RVCA team is so diverse each surf guy with so much to offer, it could’ve easily been 25 minute piece but we squeezed it into 10 mins and here it is, Pit Pals starring Sam, Bruce, Davey, Beau, Ellis and Jay.”

Pit Pals | Trailer

RVCA is glad to bring you 'PIT PALS'. A short surfing film featuring Sam Wrench, Bruce Irons, Ellis Ericson, Beau Foster, Davey Cathels, and Jay Davies.

Premiering Monday, October 17th exclusively on

Film and edit by Tyge Landa.

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