This month's Platform tee comes from RVCA Advocate Kevin "Spanky" Long. With his unique and stylish approach to skating as well as his creative and artistic endeavors, Spanky embodies the original spirit of the RVCA skate team. As one of the longest running advocates on the RVCA skate team and contributing artists, he continues to pave the way as a representation of what it means to be a RVCA advocate.

RVCA PLATFORM - In recognition of artists, known & unknown, we present RVCA PLATFORM. This program invites a hand-selected artist each month to create a limited edition design that we release every 30 days on our premium RVCA Red Stitch tees. RVCA PLATFORM products are available on the first of each month at

Spanky Platform

Toy Machine x RVCA

We are excited to introduce you to the new Toy Machine x RVCA Collection!

“The collab was a no-brainer. Both companies place importance on authenticity in their teams, artwork, and ways we approach our business. Since I have been doing Toy Machine since 1993 and working with RVCA since 2003 what would be organic and authentic than for both companies to work together to offer a line of clothes that is the love-child of us coming together? The spawn of our union includes T-Shirts, flannel, hats, socks, a vest, limited edition skateboard decks and even a women’s swimsuit!” — ANP Artist and skate legend Ed Templeton.

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