TERRAIN x Jack Whitefield - ANP

Presenting TERRAIN, the first solo show by Jackson Whitefield (St Ives, Cornawall, UK), 25, keen twin-fin surfer and professional photographer. Shooting landscapes and surroundings along his numerous trips in Europe and beyond, Jackson has been on a learning path for years now. With hundreds of photos, tens of DIY zines and various contributions to magazines, surf trips, it was time for Jack to join the solo-art-show club.

Hosted by the Golborne gallery in London, TERRAIN launched last Friday, Feb. 16 and will run thru to March. 16, 2018.

Alex Knost | Form & Void

The opening reception for Form & Void by RVCA Advocate Alex Knost shown at the T-Hart Hall in Japan on October 13th, 2017. Movie by LIQID, song by Glitterbust. Photos by Lui Araki.

TRUE STORIES – Paris Recap’

Launching the third edition of ‘TRUE STORIES’ and first book release from the growing project, RVCA was proud to gather a community of artists, skaters, creatives and amateurs at CLASSIC book store in Paris this past Friday. In presence of artist and project initiator Benjamin Jeanjean, a longtime global ANP artist, the Paris happening allowed for a nice mix of profiles, personalities and authentic art amateurs.

« It’s pretty impressive and encouraging to see people come and learn about the project, » Jeanjean said. « These artworks and book are just the start of something way bigger I believe, as the refugee topic pretty much exists everywhere around the globe. Hopefully, we take this beyond and I hope we can bring in tens of artists to join and deliver their own take on the topic to make it a big-scale group show in the short term. »

The inititaive started in Vienna (AUT), after Jeanjean spent over a month living and learning with various refugees to deeply understand their experiences and tranlsate it all into refined, detailed custom illustrations. That first moment naturally took the artist to add work and artworks to the first chapter and hit Bordeaux (FRA), before producing a first book ‘TRUE STORIES : Vol. I ALI’ that was launched in Paris Friday.

« A book is always a great item to gather both stories and illusrations, to really take the time to transcribe those experiences and have something that stays on your hands, » RVCA Marketing’s Greg Puget said. «We are really proud to support Benjamin’s work and vision, and RVCA really is that unique brand that allows to commit to such beautiful, committed deep art projects. Definitely looking at the next stages on how we help the artist reach a wider audience because his project deserves more. »

A first happening in a long time in Paris, it was a great re-launch for the brand in the French capital, a project that naturally cals in for some soon-to-come new moments for the community.


RVCA Global advocate Mark Oblow visited Europe early July with his solo show « It’s A Love Thing », showcasing his latest art and unleashing his great energy to connect with people.

From Berlin’s BRIGHT XXV trade show where Mark connected with the RVCA family and fashion week visitors, to San Sebastian’s iconic surf boutique PUKAS where the artist spread the love with tens of consumers and local community influencers ; it was a great overall connection with a various profiles and locations.

With deep people’s connections around his art, Mark Oblow brought his talent to further elevate how RVCA remains true to its original founding philosphy : support artists and help them be themselves thru their artistic expression.

TRUE STORIES | Bordeaux, FR Exhibition Launch

On Friday May 5, ANP artist Benjamin Jeanjean (FRA) launched his second TRUE STORIES exhibition, showcasing his latest artworks and a limited edition book gathering the life-changing experiences of the refugees he started the project with back in November ’16. With 50+ people showing-up at the Studio MONIKA in Bordeaux, it was a nice community moment for the Bordeaux underground amateur scene, the mix of artists, parents, children and passing-by locals allowing for an authentic gathering around such a strong project. With the clear aim of extending the vision further in the near future, Jeanjean will be investigating new opportunities through the edition of his TRUE STORIES book, and look at other unexplored territories as the refugees’ global issue continues to affect thousands around the world. Stay tuned…

- Photography by GSM Europe / Ben Potier


Monika Gallery

May 2017 – 10AM to 6PM

18 Rue Villeneuve

33000 Bordeaux


Teen Angels | The Exhibition

RVCA was glad to support 'Teen Angels', the Exhibition this past weekend at the LA Art Book Fair. Highlighting the work of Teen Angel and the magazine he created, the exhibition was a hit for many in attendance, especially those inspired and invested in Lowrider and Cholo Culture from the 80's, 90's, and to present day. Check out photos from the exhibition opening and our weekend at the Book Fair below by Morgnar.

Check out the RVCA x Teen Angels Tees from the exhibition opening, available here.

About Teen Angel:

Teen Angel began working working full-time as an artist and writer for Lowrider Magazine in 1977. His art graced the pages regularly and soon after became well-known as ‘The Lowrider Artist’, depicting the Lowrider lifestyle in a fun, whimsical way at a time where that culture was not accepted amongst mainstream society. In 1981 he ventured into publishing on his own and started Teen Angels Magazine; with no constraints, he was able to create the magazine as he wanted featuring artwork, dedications, photo- graphs, poems, and articles all focusing on life in the streets of the Varrios of California and the Southwest. The magazine gave voice to a wide swath of young Chicanos, from the gangsters in prison to the young girls looking for love. Where others saw blight and despair, Teen Angel saw beauty and life. Rejected by larger chain stores, the only place to find Teen Angels Magazine was in liquor stores and small mom-and-pop markets in the ‘hood’. He went on to create over 200 issues which today are highly collectable due to their rarity. Teen Angel passed away in early 2015 but his legacy lives on.

Opening Night | Apolitical Process

On Thursday, September 22nd RVCA and Purps were glad to present Apolitical Process.

A vision by Kelly Slater, Curated by PM Tenore.
Featuring Bruce Reynolds, Kevin Ancell and Todd Glaser.

This is an artistic journey through the chaotic and sometimes inflammatory 2016 election cycle. It is our aim to explore and expose the underlying truth, hypocrisy, danger, motivations, misinformation and effects of this process. It is our hope that the artwork produces thoughtful discussion, transparency and an openness to question the powers that be...

Apolitical Process will be on view through October 9th at Folding Table Gallery in Venice. 201 San Juan Ave (corner of Main St.), Venice, Ca 90291.

Photography by Lyon Herron and Brandon Jensen. Video by Change for Balance.

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