warning: the following artwork exhibited contains content for mature audiences only. viewer discretion is advised.

May 11, 2018 was the opening reception for Porous Walker's exhibition located at VASF, the RVCA Flagship Gallery in San Francisco, CA. The show was curated by Yong-Ki Chang of Equal Dist, providing a range of mediums, including Porous's perverted prints, infamous illustrations, interactive installations and a new RVCA sandal line that we may or may not release. The show had a tremendous turnout with hundreds of smirking faces throughout the night. The gallery was brimming with laughter from fans and friends consuming the brilliant absurdity of Porous Walker's work. This collection of works is on display at VASF until the end of June 2018. Stop by and check it out...unless you're easily offended.


The RVCA Corner Gallery was excited to welcome back REMIO to open, “I’m Not Discussing My Day” ­ his first solo body of works on display in Melbourne since his 2014 show “Subconscious Rumours”. To sum up his work, Art Primo SF describes REMIO as: "Known for his playful handstyles, throwups, and iconic “R” character, Remio is a founding member of the VTS graffiti crew and a regular contributor to the seminal THR and VLOK crews. Recently, Remio has transitioned from painting almost exclusively in the streets, to the staid gallery world, bringing his unique vision to the larger art community."

A big thank you to Melbourne Bitter for providing opening night drinks.

Photos: Michael Danischewski

ANP / TAHITI by Eleonore Wismes

RVCA, in association with Lomography, presented ‘TAHITI’ last week in Paris (FRA), the inaugural solo art show by emerging artist Eleonore Wismes.

Wismes, 28, a Parisian-based artist & experienced filmer, presented her work inspired by a recent French Polynesia mission, coming back with tens of artworks, photos & videos.

Together with friends & artists on a 1-month cruise across stunning islands of the archipelago last December, Eleonore’s snapshot resulted in an engaging invitation to travel & creativity.

Hosted by galery Vitrine DD in Le Marais, Paris, the exhibition ran from April 13 to 16, including several happenings across the multi-day show.

From photography to video and watercolor custom-made artworks, the event also witnessed a live-music composig session over the videos from the trip.

For their first collaboration, RVCA and Eleonore are stoked to share with you all content from the ‘TAHITI’ project. And look forward to more intiatives & stories in the near future.

Pumps In The Trunks | VASF Photography Exhibition

The opening reception for The Pumps In The Trunk photography exhibition was Friday, March 16th at the RVCA San Francisco flagship store. It was a fun event that brought people together around one of California’s oldest passions. Natalie Aleman, Matthew Bajda, Emmanuel Blackwell, Nick Jasso, and Rully each shared a personal view of their love of cars and the communities surrounding that passion. The raffle at the end of the night was a success in which people could walk away with prints of their own, and one lucky winner won a camera -- our hopes are that prize will inspire them to start shooting photos.

Special thanks to Tim Diet for providing the soundtrack for the evening, Pabst Blue Ribbon for the cold ones, and the crew at RVCA VASF.

Event photography by Rachel Rothstein

TERRAIN x Jack Whitefield - ANP

Presenting TERRAIN, the first solo show by Jackson Whitefield (St Ives, Cornawall, UK), 25, keen twin-fin surfer and professional photographer. Shooting landscapes and surroundings along his numerous trips in Europe and beyond, Jackson has been on a learning path for years now. With hundreds of photos, tens of DIY zines and various contributions to magazines, surf trips, it was time for Jack to join the solo-art-show club.

Hosted by the Golborne gallery in London, TERRAIN launched last Friday, Feb. 16 and will run thru to March. 16, 2018.

Alex Knost | Form & Void

The opening reception for Form & Void by RVCA Advocate Alex Knost shown at the T-Hart Hall in Japan on October 13th, 2017. Movie by LIQID, song by Glitterbust. Photos by Lui Araki.

TRUE STORIES – Paris Recap’

Launching the third edition of ‘TRUE STORIES’ and first book release from the growing project, RVCA was proud to gather a community of artists, skaters, creatives and amateurs at CLASSIC book store in Paris this past Friday. In presence of artist and project initiator Benjamin Jeanjean, a longtime global ANP artist, the Paris happening allowed for a nice mix of profiles, personalities and authentic art amateurs.

« It’s pretty impressive and encouraging to see people come and learn about the project, » Jeanjean said. « These artworks and book are just the start of something way bigger I believe, as the refugee topic pretty much exists everywhere around the globe. Hopefully, we take this beyond and I hope we can bring in tens of artists to join and deliver their own take on the topic to make it a big-scale group show in the short term. »

The inititaive started in Vienna (AUT), after Jeanjean spent over a month living and learning with various refugees to deeply understand their experiences and tranlsate it all into refined, detailed custom illustrations. That first moment naturally took the artist to add work and artworks to the first chapter and hit Bordeaux (FRA), before producing a first book ‘TRUE STORIES : Vol. I ALI’ that was launched in Paris Friday.

« A book is always a great item to gather both stories and illusrations, to really take the time to transcribe those experiences and have something that stays on your hands, » RVCA Marketing’s Greg Puget said. «We are really proud to support Benjamin’s work and vision, and RVCA really is that unique brand that allows to commit to such beautiful, committed deep art projects. Definitely looking at the next stages on how we help the artist reach a wider audience because his project deserves more. »

A first happening in a long time in Paris, it was a great re-launch for the brand in the French capital, a project that naturally cals in for some soon-to-come new moments for the community.


RVCA Global advocate Mark Oblow visited Europe early July with his solo show « It’s A Love Thing », showcasing his latest art and unleashing his great energy to connect with people.

From Berlin’s BRIGHT XXV trade show where Mark connected with the RVCA family and fashion week visitors, to San Sebastian’s iconic surf boutique PUKAS where the artist spread the love with tens of consumers and local community influencers ; it was a great overall connection with a various profiles and locations.

With deep people’s connections around his art, Mark Oblow brought his talent to further elevate how RVCA remains true to its original founding philosphy : support artists and help them be themselves thru their artistic expression.

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