Beyond All Control x Bastien Bonnarme

Few people can embrace the elements quite like surf photographer Bastien Bonnarme.

For years, he’s been navigating the globe in search of the perfect adrenaline-fuelled moment–risking his own safety in the process.
To celebrate some of his finest images, from battered coastlines to monster waves, Huck and RVCA present BEYOND ALL CONTROL.

Join us at 71a London for a FREE exhibition, oct. 25, 2017 in London (UK)–Supported by Surfdome–
Celebrating one man’s quest to chase the unknown. This is BIG WAVE photography at its best.


SNAPT 3 Euro Premiere – Hossegor (FRA)

With the WSL circus in town and a historic weather quality bringing thousands in the small European surf capital of Hossegor… Adding one of the hottest bars in town, the COOLIN, a flash tattoo setup and DJ Set…

Stars aligned to host the European premiere of SNAPT 3, third installment of Logan Dulien’s surf action movies, with the help of Surf Nights crew and RVCA. Hundreds of surf fans showed-up on Saturday October 14, enjoying another great evening following the crowning of event champions Medina and Moore after a day of perfect 6ft surf and competition.

« It’s great to get the chance to host the premiere of Snapt 3 knowing how many surf fans are in town at this time of the year, » started RVCA brand boss in Europe Jan Holzer. « It’s been a series of art shows over the week, from Paris to Hossegor, Biarritz… and it was again a very natural fit for RVCA to build this small event together with the local crews of Surf Nights and the COOLIN bar. This is where it happens, and we hope we provide a nice, inspiring moment to those hanging out to have fun and enjoy a unique surf weekend. »

Having premiered in the US and Bali already, SNAPT 3’s impressive pure action footage did capture the attention of hundreds over the night in Hossegor, wrapping an intense week of fun, surf and sun in great style.

« RVCA stands for bringing diverse people together, » RVCA Marketing’s Greg Puget said. « In 6 days, we presented a rising artist Johanna Olk, hosted world-famous surf photographer Zak Noyle and released a great surf film to hundreds. This is how we want to speak to fans and consumers : thru authentic & cool moments that bring friends, visitors and locals together. It’s been pretty rad’ to see all those people coming to our events. »


Hawaiian native and globally renowned surf photographer Zak Noyle presented his first ever photo show in France and Europe last week, at surf boutique Helder Supply Co in Biarritz (FRA).

With a selection of 17 large-format intense images filling the dedicated galery space at the back of the premium store, ‘WATER TALES’ gathered over 150 crowds passing by to meet up with the man himself and enjoy a great community moment : free beers, live music by psych-rock power trio #ThisWillDestroyYourEars, beautiful weather… a few meters from Biarritz’s main beach, ‘La Grande Plage’…

« We thought hosting Zak for his first visit to France and Europe was just so natural, » Helder Supply founder Theo said. « When RVCA came to us with the idea of an art show, it was a no-brainer to invite Zak and build this exhibition. We are really pleased with how much people showed-up, given the amazing quality of the photographies. »

Zak Noyle has been a global RVCA advocate for years now, providing some of the world’s best surf action shots year after year, hanging with the some of the world’s most inspiring surfers ; with a special focus on Hawaii’s infamous Pipeline. «When you think Pipeline these days, you think Zak. He has been capturing the action and beauty of those intense locations around the world and it is really an honor to host him in Biarritz and have the chance to present his work to the local surf-passionate community, » RVCA Marketing director Greg Puget said. « The event is up for a month and all benefits from the sales will go to NGO Surfrider Foundation Europe ; a great equation and overall sucess for Zak. »

Big thanks to Helder Supply Co founders Theo and Jeremy, La Superbe beers, DaFin Europe and everyone.

TRUE STORIES – Paris Recap’

Launching the third edition of ‘TRUE STORIES’ and first book release from the growing project, RVCA was proud to gather a community of artists, skaters, creatives and amateurs at CLASSIC book store in Paris this past Friday. In presence of artist and project initiator Benjamin Jeanjean, a longtime global ANP artist, the Paris happening allowed for a nice mix of profiles, personalities and authentic art amateurs.

« It’s pretty impressive and encouraging to see people come and learn about the project, » Jeanjean said. « These artworks and book are just the start of something way bigger I believe, as the refugee topic pretty much exists everywhere around the globe. Hopefully, we take this beyond and I hope we can bring in tens of artists to join and deliver their own take on the topic to make it a big-scale group show in the short term. »

The inititaive started in Vienna (AUT), after Jeanjean spent over a month living and learning with various refugees to deeply understand their experiences and tranlsate it all into refined, detailed custom illustrations. That first moment naturally took the artist to add work and artworks to the first chapter and hit Bordeaux (FRA), before producing a first book ‘TRUE STORIES : Vol. I ALI’ that was launched in Paris Friday.

« A book is always a great item to gather both stories and illusrations, to really take the time to transcribe those experiences and have something that stays on your hands, » RVCA Marketing’s Greg Puget said. «We are really proud to support Benjamin’s work and vision, and RVCA really is that unique brand that allows to commit to such beautiful, committed deep art projects. Definitely looking at the next stages on how we help the artist reach a wider audience because his project deserves more. »

A first happening in a long time in Paris, it was a great re-launch for the brand in the French capital, a project that naturally cals in for some soon-to-come new moments for the community.

SURF NIGHTS & RVCA pres. SNAPT 3, a Surf film by Logan Dulien, at the Coolin bar (Hossegor, FRA) Oct. 14, from 9.30PM

Third installment of the SNAPT series, SNAPT 3 delivers a cast of the world’s most exciting surfers, bringing back the classic surf movie vibe with unstoppable action & spectacular footage from around the world.

Having already premiered in the US, Bali and Australia, we are proud to host the European premiere of an already iconic movie.

> All Event Details, click here.

Supported by Surf Session & Beach Brother magazines

RVCA pres. WATER TALES by Zak Noyle

RVCA presents ‘WATER TALES’ by Zak Noyle at Helder Supply Co. (Biarritz, FRA). A photo exhibition by & in presence of global RVCA advocate Zak Noyle (Oahu, Haw - USA).

Hosted & co-presented by Helder Supply Co. in Biarritz (FRA) launching Oct. 12, 2017 at 6PM. Come share free beers with us and enjoy a nice moment with Zak.


Linited edition tees

Limited units of global best-seller Zak Noyle Camera bag

Limited edition photographies on sale >> all benefits going to non-profit organization Surfrider Foundation Europe.

Live music act by ‘This Will Destroy Your Ears’

Supported by La Superbe, DaFins, Surfrider Foundation Europe.


An art exhibition by & in presence of Johanna Olk

At WAXED COFFEE, Hossegor (FRA) - Oct. 9, 2017 from 7PM.

Meet Johanna Olk, rising talent, illustrator & tattoo artist, and keen longboarder. Influenced by raw landscapes and genuine people, the Guethary-based 24-year-old lady has been growing as an artist for a few years now…Travelling the world with her ink machines and all-around creativity.

Between beach days, paintings, drawings, graphic design and illustrations…Johanna takes it day by day and keeps

>> Meet the artist for the launch of ‘SOLEILS ETEINTS’ , Oct. 9 2017 at WAXED COFFE.

An exhibit in association with @wastedtalentmag & @waxedcoffee

Sage Erickson | Welcome To the Family

We are excited to announce and welcome Sage Erickson to the RVCA Family! Born in Ojai, California, Sage moved with her family to the North Shore of Oahu at the age of nine, where she first paddled out at the iconic Sunset Beach and started surfing. Eventually moving back to Ojai she started competing in the NSSA and hasn’t stopped since. Her confidence, commitment to train, and her amazing personality drive her competitive spirit which has led to her success. Currently, Sage is competing on the WSL Women’s Championship Tour and traveling the world. Outside of surfing, Sage is passionate about fashion, photography, illustration, and fitness.

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