Distractor | Orbital

When Space Detective goes missing and intergalactic warefare ensues, that can mean only one thing...Distractor has a new music video.

Will sPACE DETECTIVE SAVE THE DAY? Watch "Orbital" and find out.

ANP / TAHITI by Eleonore Wismes

RVCA, in association with Lomography, presented ‘TAHITI’ last week in Paris (FRA), the inaugural solo art show by emerging artist Eleonore Wismes.

Wismes, 28, a Parisian-based artist & experienced filmer, presented her work inspired by a recent French Polynesia mission, coming back with tens of artworks, photos & videos.

Together with friends & artists on a 1-month cruise across stunning islands of the archipelago last December, Eleonore’s snapshot resulted in an engaging invitation to travel & creativity.

Hosted by galery Vitrine DD in Le Marais, Paris, the exhibition ran from April 13 to 16, including several happenings across the multi-day show.

From photography to video and watercolor custom-made artworks, the event also witnessed a live-music composig session over the videos from the trip.

For their first collaboration, RVCA and Eleonore are stoked to share with you all content from the ‘TAHITI’ project. And look forward to more intiatives & stories in the near future.

RVCA MV | Store Grand Opening

April 13th marked the grand opening of our new RVCA Store, located in Orange County,CA at The Shops at Mission Viejo. We celebrated the evening with music, drinks, and a live art installation by Advocate, Mark Oblow. Oblow's installation is complimented by other original works in the space, including hand painted pieces by ANP artists, Steve "Espo" Powers and Defer.

Special thanks to our amazing team for creating an incredible space that represents RVCA and everything the brand stands for.

Yuri Goncalves | Sumatra

Yuri Gonçalves drawing lines amongst the perfect waves in Sumatra.

Video by Bruno Zanin

RVCA Opens London Retail Space

RVCA introduces its first retail & brand space at Covent Garden in London (UK), taking over 1st floor of fellow group brand ELEMENT Store location, to present its full Men’s and Women’s ranges. Showcasing artworks from Global ANP members such as Zak Noyle (HAW), Ed Templeton (USA) or Benjamin Jeanjean (FRA), hanging next to RVCA’s latest Spring and Summer 2018 ranges including artist-inspired collections along with surf or skate iconic capsule features inspired by Bruce Irons, Andrew Reynolds or unique brand collaborations such as Toy Machine x RVCA… The brand’s first ever London space aims at creating an exciting consumer experience where shopping & creativity come together to express the Californian’s diverse brand values and expression.

By hitting one of London’s most exciting shopping areas with an international tourist audience meeting londoners, RVCA’s fresh retail space will become a platform for local grassroots art talent-scouting ; a great opportunity to meet-up and gather with young talents, share the brand’s upcoming stories and impact European and global travelers coming from all over the world to visit London’s ever-exciting creative scene.

Address >> 13 Shorts Gardens, London WC2H 9AT, UK

Zak Noyle | Surfline's Talk Story

via Surfline

Hawaiian water photographer Zak Noyle recounts his harrowing experience shooting the 2016 Memory of Eddie Aikau event. With 50+ foot waves at Waimea Bay, Noyle spent eight hours straight in the lineup with no food or water -- and came away with some of the heavies images ever taken during the famed event.

(click here to watch video)

17th annual Irons Brothers Classic

We were honored to support the 17th annual Irons Brothers Classic over the past weekend in Hanalei, Kauai. This event was started by the late Andy Irons and brother Bruce Irons, along with their family, to give back to the community of Kauai. The aloha spirit was alive the all day and the waves were firing for the kids, making it another incredible event. Tamba Surf Company said it best, "Thank you to all our amazing volunteers for you years of dedication. Mahalo to the Irons family and all the sponsors for making this the best day of the year in Hanalei."


Advocate, Alex Knost, sat down with Surfer Magazine to talk about his approach to surfing, shaping surfboards, and much more in "Adrift with the Vanguard". Read it here.

RVCA Store | Bali, Indonesia

We're excited to announce the opening of our first Indonesian retail concept space in Seminyak, Bali, making this our first RVCA flagship store in all of Asia. We're honored to join the community of Seminyak and look forward to contributing to the local surf, skate, art, and mma scenes.

Special thanks to everyone that help bring this store to life, including RVCA Special Edition artist Elliot Routledge, for contributing his art throughout the store.

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