In Miami, FL last weekend, we celebrated the launch of our first ever RVCA Sport Womens collection with a product wear test event. We kicked off our morning at the boutique boxing studio Sobekick, with a high-intensity boxing workout led by professional boxing coach and RVCA Advocate, Jason Parillo. Parillo pushed everyone to their limits, maxing out with lung-busting cardio routines and heavy-handed bag work.

We're very excited about this next evolution of RVCA Sport and look forward to doing many more training events and workout meetups. Follow us @rvcasport & @rvca_womens on Instagram to stay up to date with our next events and collection drops.

Special thanks to the athletes, influencers, and guests that took their energy level to 100 and celebrating the debut of RVCA Sport Womens. We'd also like to extend big thank yous to Tone It Up , Hydroflask , Healthade , Sanabul Boxing Gloves , Bollare, and Sobekick for their support.

|| View the new RVCA Sport Womens collection here ||


born and raised on the north shore of oahu, kona oliveria grew up like most starting on a surfboard, however, he also grew up getting into martial arts ant a young age under the guidance of his father. the daily routine at his young age was surfing and training day after day. Today Kona has moved to California to pursue his dreams of becoming a champion in mixed martial arts. Tomorrow he takes one step closer to his dreams, his pro debut fight tomorrow night 7/20 at LFA FIGHTING 45.

Check out this interview and video Convicts recently made with RVCA Sport's Kona Oliveria

Barry McGee | Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara

June 30 marked the opening reception of Barry McGee's new exhibition titled "SB Mid Summer Intensive" at the Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara. The summer evening was buzzing with hundreds of guests captivated by a comprehensive blend of Barry's paintings, drawings, sculptures, antique surfboards, and an interactive space titled, the "L. Fong Healing Arts Centre" -- a massive accumulation of illustrations, photographs, zines, and ephemera created the artists' friends. It goes without saying, soaking in Barry Mcgee's universe in Santa Barbara makes for an extraordinary summer experience.

The SB Mid Summer Intensive exhibition will be on display until mid October - visit MCA Santa Barbara for more details.

Photography: Delon Isaacs

Single Fin Classic V - A Unique Moment Inspired By Surfing

For their second consecutive collaboration, RVCA and HAWAII Donostia hit the beautiful Basque city of San Sebastian celebrating the 5th edition of the Single Fin Classic. Year after year, mixing the local scene to an international field of renowned loggers, the event has become a key stop in Europe delivering a unique vibe of surf, music & tapas. With hundreds passing by the beachfront and close to 100 competitors, the 5th Single Fin Classic stepped-up to its reputation with Europe’s most promising longboarder Jules Lepecheux (Biarritz, FRA) clinching his first major win.

« It was an amazing 5th edition of the Single fin classic. Sun, nice people, good vibes and little waves. All the ingredient to have the best LOG event. It’s always a pleasure to have such a nice mix of locals and international surfers enjoying together. Thanks to all the participants and see you next year » said Diego, the main organizer, from Hawaii Donostia.

Photos by Damien Poullenot

The Draculas | Exhibition at Made By Millworks

The Draculas debut show titled “13” opened June 23rd at Made by Millworks in conjunction with POW! WOW! Long Beach.

This exhibit featured new works by ANP artist Jeff McMillan, Gary Musgrave, and Jake Kazakos in all large format hand screened prints. Every piece was designed to be a screen print and in limited editions of 13.

The show was inspired from all the work the crew had has done over the last 3-4 years under the Draculas name. Some of the art has made it onto walls while others have been used for illustrations and merchandise and some pieces in the show have never seen by anyone, just a bunch of reworked rejected drawings!!

Attendees of the show were supplied their own super secret decoder ring by The Draculas ... that they used to participate in a city-wide scavenger hunt.

also, EXCLUSIVELY available at the opening - pick up discounted drink tickets for Draculas after party at The V Room (Draculas HQ)

“13” runs through July 29th

Ed Templeton | Thrill Of It All

Legendary pro skater Jamie Thomas has launched a new show called, Thrill of it ALL. The third episode features Jamie interviewing his former benevolent overlord, Ed Templeton. Ed recounts growing up in Huntington Beach, CA, pursuing a career in professional skateboarding, taking the entreprenuerial leap into starting the blood sucking skateboard co, Toy Machine, his


Last weekend RVCA took over the Wheels & Waves Skate Ramp for the 2018 Edition, in Biarritz (FRA). Wrapping up this one-day activation in one of the biggest motorcycle festivals, mixing surf, skate & music, and gathering around 15000 people over 3 days, from all over Europe. We have pursued our brand claim, mixing a live painting execution on a 2x3 meters wall, from Nils Inne, a talented artist from South West of France, and a free screenprint Hosoi x RVCA tee produced on location. Christian Hosoi ripped the ramp and took the time for a autograph signing session for the public, and the stand had gathered hundreds of fans waiting to get their RVCA x Hosoi signed tee. Thank you to RVCA advocates and everyone who joined us for the event.

Filmed by: Julien Binch Binet

Edited by: Robin Pailler

Photos by: Alberto Scattolin

RVCA Sport | Fall '18 Collection

With our foundation rooted in Mixed Martial Arts, the RVCA Sport line was built to live in the ring but also perform in the gym and in everyday life. We have collaborated with world class athletes and RVCA advocates to develop a line that is the perfect balance of function and fashion. This is RVCA Sport.

See our collection of new arrivals here.


It’s clear the first time you see Zach skate that he’s got a unique and creative approach unlike anyone else. Blending classic tricks and modern street skating with a loose and flowing style. After getting on Baker Skateboards and dropping a full length part for Emerica shoes ‘Young Emerican’s’ video he quickly became one of the industry’s favorite amateur’s. Originally from the San Fernando valley but now residing in downtown Los Angeles, Zach’s hitting the streets every day in search of new spots and a fresh approach to some of skateboarding’s most historic places.

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