Aaron Rose | TOTEMS

RVCA Advocate Aaron Rose will be opening his solo exhibition 'TOTEMS' this Thursday, October 1st from 7-9pm at Circle Culture Gallery in Berlin. The exhibition focuses on paintings and kinetic sculptures by Rose and will be on view through October 31st.

The works in TOTEMS deal with objects and feelings of desire, and how this relates to different aspects of spirituality – or artificial spirituality – that human beings use to get through the life experiment. Some of the works deal with religion and the tribal aspects of religious iconography, but not in a classical sense. The large faces in the works on canvas represent idols. They could be considered portraits of fictitious gods. The texts on each work relate specifically to various concepts of longing. This could be a desire for meaning, for inspiration, or for love, all of which are reasons that we as humans seek spiritual connection.

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