Collapse Slappy Fest Hossegor

Collapse Slappy Fest: RVCA is proud to support Collapse Skateboards for their 7th anniversary.

Collapse skateboards celebrated its 7th anniversary last Saturday at Hossegor’s Casino, the party was under the sign of the ‘eighties’, the custom-made park featured slappy curbs, launch ramp, wallrides, fire hydrant, picnic table…of course, riders and crowd were expected to make their best 1987 impression, and some of them really played the game!

The high vibes all day, the crazy outfits, the spot, the early grab nbd’s (??), the distances rode on the wall, the destroyed picnic table, all contributed making this edition one for the books! We were proud to see our local advocate George Poole winning the Highest & longest wallride! The icing on the cake was the live music by our local band This Will Destroy Yours Ears. Special thanks to Collapse Skateboards for this sick event and thanks to all the people who joined us.

Video by Alberto Scattolin.

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