Jeykill pres. Le Grand Cercle

Taking place Dec. 8 in Paris (FRA) at the famous BLEU NOIR tattoo studio, artist & studio co-founder Jeykill presented his latest art show, ‘LE GRAND CERCLE’.

Taking a deep dive into the artist’s world thru a series of artworks directly inspired by his surroundings all linked by one specific item : the circle. From the ocean to beaches, from the sand to the oceans’ raw energy, including the skies as both a symbol of hope and darkness… Overall, the duality of elements giving the artist a true inspiration.

Circles of life or infinite circles… Circles can carry opposite representations depending on how you look at them ; and thru his interpretation & work, Jeykill elevates the fragile balance of our planet.

Mixing drawing, screen-printing, breaking or deconstructing matters, Jeykill’s raw & instinctive creative process also draws attention in in its own.

Thanks to all who showed-up, really greatful to be apart of this fresh new project by an iconic artist.

Next step : Jeykill pres. le Grand Cercle at BLEU NOIR in Biarritz (FRA) – From June 2018


All content by @killianlassabliere

Music video by SOCOA - REFLEXIONS

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