An art exhibition by & in presence of Johanna Olk

At WAXED COFFEE, Hossegor (FRA) - Oct. 9, 2017 from 7PM.

Meet Johanna Olk, rising talent, illustrator & tattoo artist, and keen longboarder. Influenced by raw landscapes and genuine people, the Guethary-based 24-year-old lady has been growing as an artist for a few years now…Travelling the world with her ink machines and all-around creativity.

Between beach days, paintings, drawings, graphic design and illustrations…Johanna takes it day by day and keeps

>> Meet the artist for the launch of ‘SOLEILS ETEINTS’ , Oct. 9 2017 at WAXED COFFE.

An exhibit in association with @wastedtalentmag & @waxedcoffee

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