San Sebastian Single Fin Classic IV – A Community Moment

San Sebastian’s famous beach of Gros was the stage to an amazing community moment for the 4th Single Fin Classic by HAWAII & RVCA.

A gathering of renowned log competitors, amateur talents and local legends, the fourth edition was blessed with clean 2ft (0.6 to 0.8m) waves allowing the 60+ field of competitors to deliver authentic classic surfing.

From RVCA advocate and event youngest surfer Jules Lepecheux (Biarritz, FRA), 15, turning heads with his natural style, to winner Clovis Donizetti (Biarritz, FRA) unleashing his custom nose-ride perfection… It was a day of fun, proper performance and style, a showing of beautiful wave vessels from the San Sebastian surfing community, led by finalists Josean Lizarraga, Gon Garmendia and Gabi Malone. With a few beers, local tapas, typical warm-welcome energy from the Basque hosts, the 4th edition of the San Sebastian Single Fin Classic delivered a unique enjoyable mix and went beyond expectations. Hats off to the HAWAII DONOSTIA staff and founders, RVCA family and all surfers… @rvcasurf @rvca @hawaiidonostia #balanceofopposites


1- Clovis Donizetti (FRA)

2-Nathan Sadoun (FRA)

3-Corentin Clech (FRA)

4-Gabi Malone(EUK)

5-Joe Davies (UK)

6-Gon Garmendia (EUK)

7-Josean Lizarraga (EUK)

All photos by RVCA/@benpotier

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