SNAPT 3 Euro Premiere – Hossegor (FRA)

With the WSL circus in town and a historic weather quality bringing thousands in the small European surf capital of Hossegor… Adding one of the hottest bars in town, the COOLIN, a flash tattoo setup and DJ Set…

Stars aligned to host the European premiere of SNAPT 3, third installment of Logan Dulien’s surf action movies, with the help of Surf Nights crew and RVCA. Hundreds of surf fans showed-up on Saturday October 14, enjoying another great evening following the crowning of event champions Medina and Moore after a day of perfect 6ft surf and competition.

« It’s great to get the chance to host the premiere of Snapt 3 knowing how many surf fans are in town at this time of the year, » started RVCA brand boss in Europe Jan Holzer. « It’s been a series of art shows over the week, from Paris to Hossegor, Biarritz… and it was again a very natural fit for RVCA to build this small event together with the local crews of Surf Nights and the COOLIN bar. This is where it happens, and we hope we provide a nice, inspiring moment to those hanging out to have fun and enjoy a unique surf weekend. »

Having premiered in the US and Bali already, SNAPT 3’s impressive pure action footage did capture the attention of hundreds over the night in Hossegor, wrapping an intense week of fun, surf and sun in great style.

« RVCA stands for bringing diverse people together, » RVCA Marketing’s Greg Puget said. « In 6 days, we presented a rising artist Johanna Olk, hosted world-famous surf photographer Zak Noyle and released a great surf film to hundreds. This is how we want to speak to fans and consumers : thru authentic & cool moments that bring friends, visitors and locals together. It’s been pretty rad’ to see all those people coming to our events. »

Credit photos / Remi Bedora

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