#C1SSPBRVP7 35,00 € 35

Michelle Blade grew up running around the hills and river beds of Los Angeles. Michelle describes herself as mainly a painter but also branches out into sculpture, film and photography from time to time. The love for the California landscape runs deep in her blood, as do psychedelic tapestries, mystical encounters, her dog and running shoes.

Driven by the inescapable qualities of the natural world Michelle Blade's paintings and installations investigate curiosity and one's search for meaning and place within the universe. Using exploration and the human condition as a broad starting point, Blade's psychedelic imagery pays homage to Romanticism while simultaneously referencing personal iconography, people, places and events she has known intimately. Heavy with symbolic imagery her saturated paintings depict meditative moments of solitude within transcendent landscapes, teetering between positive revelation and finding peace within a mysterious world.


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